A culturally-authentic lingerie retail experience in Dubai

Designing a market-leading brand experience

For Arabian women, Nayomi is a trusted friend. We put this insight at the heart of our creative strategy for their new store concept and brand evolution. Our brief was to evolve their brand positioning and modernize their retail interior design in line with progressive societal changes. For this, we created an enchanting escape which was recognisably Nayomi. An elevated retail concept that successfully balances sensitive nuances and deep-rooted traditions, providing a safe haven, whilst respectfully empowering and celebrating femininity.

Inspired by the French Baroque style, we created a lavish palatial retail interior design. We modernized their distinct and ornate brand assets with a softer, delicate and more contemporary direction. Think ambient digital façade, modernised packaging design featuring an evolution of their iconic lace pattern, and an elevated art direction and content production. The result? A luxurious retail space that is culturally relevant, future-focused whilst offering a distinctly Nayomi brand experience. A creative retail design that fulfils consumer aspirations and strengthens the brand's position as market leaders.

A lingerie retail palace: arches within the suspended structures reveal openings, creating elevated visual merchandising displays for the brand’s product collections.
Desirable interior design: displays reminiscent of luxury hotel luggage trolleys and symmetry inspired by French Baroque architecture, create an aspirational ambiance.
A luxury customer experience design: emphasis was placed on designing elegant private fitting rooms, in tune with cultural norms in the region.

The Saudi woman is changing – she is more aware of the world and heavily influenced by social media. This new retail concept empowers Nayomi to respond to the rapidly evolving market.

Deputy CEO, KOJ Group

Award winning omni-channel retail experience

Taking their global retail concept one step further, we worked with the team at Nayomi to make them a leading omni-channel retailer in the UAE. Tasked with bringing a sense of 'magic' to their first ever click and collect customer experience, we created 'The Parlour' concept. A digital shopping lounge which features the 'Wardrobe of Dreams' where consumers can use a QR code to unlock their online orders which have been luxuriously gift wrapped in our new packaging design.

The new Nayomi retail concept and their penultimate Flagship brand experience in the Mall of Emirates, which features their click and collect experience, won ‘Most Admired Store Design’ in the MENA region by RetailME. The benchmark in the Middle Eastern retail industry for best practices and excellence in retail design.

Surprise and delight: the functional click and collect experience is elevated to new heights in our new ‘Parlour’ retail concept featuring the self-serve ‘Wardrobe of Dreams’.
Indulgently feminine: our brand communications design included re-imagining their iconic lace pattern and modernising their packaging design to elevate the brand experience.

A wondrous Ramadan 2023 campaign

Ramadan is a key cultural and commercial event in UAE’s retail calendar, with fashion and beauty sales skyrocketing as hosting and wearing of new outfits is a major tradition. As part of our brand transformation, we collaborated with Nayomi on a new strategic brand direction for their biggest Ramadan campaign to date. One that would inspire modern Arabian women to experience a new sense of freedom and pursue their changing desires, whilst reflecting the lunar calendar's critical role in Islam.

We devised a luxury art direction style to captivate the imagination, infusing wonderment into the perfectly ordinary and most extraordinary moments of life. Managing the production on the ground in Namibia, we hired out a luxury resort with Marrakesh-style interior design to create an aspirational lifestyle narrative. Scenic architecture enriched their collections with an elevated content direction, infusing ancient traditions with modern glamour. So that when they looked in the mirror, they would love the radiant Arabian woman looking back at them.

Look up and wonder: Nayomi's Ramadan 2023 collection featured beautiful silhouettes, prints and colors inspired by the unique glamour and wonderment of the lunar cycle.

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