Theatre inspired design : Jigsaw KX

Bringing the runway to the high-street

Our most iconic store design for Jigsaw marked their arrival at Kings Cross. Sitting at the intersection of travel and creativity, our interior concept intertwines a sense of fluidity and discovery to identify with the core consumer. Utilising the lofty, elegant architecture, we created a contemporary space with an ambience influenced by art studios and backstage theatre. With more and more brands turning to social media to showcase ‘behind the scenes’, we took this offline and into a physical environment to create a space that is host to press events, activations and product launches attracting influencers, models, writers and artists.

A behind the scenes customer experience, consumers intermixed with fashion bloggers, models and media influencers.
In line with the democratisation of fashion, we created Jigsaw KX as a reconfigurable stage to host activations like for their London Fashion Week events.
Feel like a model in these dramatic and daringly prominent changing rooms.
Free, on-trend refreshments for all invitees and attendees.
Fixtures act like 'props' playing a key part in the storytelling of the space.

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