Unveiling a new Hogan to the world during Milan Design Week

The epitome of luxury Italian lifestyle

Founded in Italy in 1986, Hogan was the first retail brand to capture informal elegance in the form of luxury sneakers. A leader in luxury design and product excellence, this much-loved brand amongst Italian consumers wanted to grow its brand awareness globally. To support Hogan’s expansion into new retail territories, we created a new global store concept to help drive international growth.

Celebrating a new brand direction and positioning, targeting fashionable urban socialites, we blended classical Italian interior design cues with cosmopolitan lifestyle experiences, to create a retail concept that exemplifies “new luxury”. Central to the new retail identity design are sculptural interpretations of movement; drawing inspiration from one of the principle figures of the Italian Futurist movement, Umberto Boccioni. These bold ‘Gallery Plinths’ punctuate the luxury retail interior, presenting product in a minimal yet artistic fashion. Throughout the brand space, a series of elevated customer experiences are designed to service and indulge their luxury clientele. This includes a cantilevered marble counter which conceals their couture design service, where consumers can commission bespoke, made-to-order sneakers for the first time. At the periphery of their luxury brand space, experiential ‘Movement Walls’ create an enlivened ambiance with animated light patterns on digital LED mesh curtains, graphically expressing the dynamism of metropolitan life.

Classical Italian design, contemporary twist: Bold, sculptural ‘Gallery Plinths’ punctuate the luxury retail space. These wedge forms take inspiration from the idea of a ‘stride-in-motion’ and present footwear on minimal inclined surfaces.
A luxury lifestyle destination: crafted from hand-selected black marble, we created elevated service experiences for their couture design service – previously reserved for royalty and celebrities.

Re-launching their brand experience in style

Launched during Milan Design Week, Hogan’s new retail identity also marked the brand’s first foray into augmented reality experiences. Mimicking the journey of a photographer seeking inspiration around Milan’s design hot spots, these digital brand experiences drove awareness and traffic to their new store. Since launching in Milan’s famous luxury shopping destination, Via Montenapoleone, our global retail concept has since been rolled out to a number of luxury retail destinations in Rome, Shanghai and Beijing.

Art meets architecture: A glass staircase acts like a striking art installation, piercing the luxury retail interior whilst providing an intentional pace change, slowing consumers down and encouraging dwell time.
A retail identity designed for globalisation: Since launching in Milan, our interior design concept set a creative blueprint for all Hogan stores, showroom designs and fashion shows worldwide.
The essence of “new luxury”: Elegant retail interior design meets elevated product presentation and artfully created digital brand experiences to create a contemporary Italian design.

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