Brand Experience that's

Brand Experiences are today’s competitive advantage. To stand out, today’s brands need to create something that's uniquely original to them. We’re the studio behind many industry and world-first brand experience concepts all around the world. It’s what we’ve done best for over 40 years. The result? Game-changing work that leads where others follow.

We don't do house style

We don't have a house style. Our design philosophy is grounded in a people-first approach. We design for the encounter first and then the sense of place - be it physical, virtual, digital or tactile. In doing so our clients achieve an impossible blueprint and 3 dimensional design language that can’t be copied.

In a world that doesn’t stand still, we are experts in designing immersive brand experiences that are both flexible and dynamic. We create fluid spaces and architectural components that can change their usage or the atmospherics of a space with ease. Today sustainability is now central to the way we design. We’ll work with you to find the most-effective sustainable solutions, without compromising on creativity, and have established BREAAM and LEED accredited designs.

Our role is to ignite consumer desire wherever people fall in love with brands. We believe in heightening the emotion of the brand encounter by building anticipation and intrigue at every stage of the user’s journey. We’ll work with you to create meaningful and awe-inspiring experiences from the first touch to the final departure. In doing so we can deliver true value for both the brand and the customer.

Talk to us about your BRAND EXPERIENCES project

We’re experts in place-making and branded spaces. Whether it's 45,000sqft or 45sqft, indoor or outdoor, tactile and/or virtual – we experiment with spatial design and immersive tech to create borderless encounters between people and brands. We've outlined our services below.

Retail Architecture & Interiors

Whether you’re a native start-up or a global player, we create landmark flagships right down to concept boutiques and shop-in-shops

Hospitality & Leisure Venues

Formal or informal, mass gatherings to intimate settings, we design places which create memories

Commercial Interiors & Workplace Design

From showrooms to auditoriums to workplaces, we create inspiring places to think, learn and create

Omni-Channel Journeys & Touch-points

We design the journey not just the stops. Our digital first approach ensures a seamless brand and service experience across channels

Format Strategy & Location Search

We challenge and define your format strategy, strategically identifying where your brand should be located

Cultural Programming

We culturally programme spaces with clear product, service and event strategies that amplifies repeat engagement

Virtual Environments

In the age of the Metaverse we can create your next brand presence for the new virtual experience economy