Metaverse. Hype or reality?

We Wonder Issue 1


This week we’ve been wondering about : whether the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week is a hype train, what makes a rebrand truly successful and whether we want to stay at the new Holiday Inn.

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What is the role of brand in customer experience design?

Unsurprisingly our brand communications team think a lot about branding. There's lots of information floating about the web about how customer experience can impact your brand. But more and more, consumers are not only deciding if they want to buy your product, they’re also deciding if they want to buy into your brand. So our team wrote a blog, looking at the role of branding and brand equity in customer experience design.

Metaverse, fad or fortune? The jury is split.

We don’t know about anyone else but we feel like we can’t do or read anything without the word Metaverse cropping up. Well recently this went into overdrive. Brands in every category hosted avatar runway shows and virtual after-parties at the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland (think a much friendlier version of Fortnite). But elsewhere, in the real world, experts at SXSW spoke out against NFT’s and the Metaverse as a fad and that we should be working harder to create genuine human connections #IRL.

So while everyone seems eager to jump on the hype train – not wanting to be the brand left behind like so many when social media launched – our advice is don’t get swept up in the latest craze. Think about it, if everyone is pulling the same PR stunt, will you even get any headlines?

Mentally we’ve already checked in to Holiday Inn’s new hotel concept

This week we’re loving the new hotel concept by Holiday Inn. Let’s be honest - the Holiday Inn is no Hard Rock Hotel or Soho House - however it’s new, next-gen hotel concept in Melbourne, Australia, leaves behind its unremarkable aesthetics behind. It’s now elevated, inviting and unexpectedly intriguing. This is no longer ‘just a bed for the night’ kind hotel. We have no doubt our new business team will be working extra hard to get new clients in Melbourne from now on…

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