Unveiling a daring new retail design concept for HUGO BLUE

Showing off HUGO BLUE’s brand universe

HUGO BOSS is always pushing the boundaries of fashion culture, and nothing demonstrates this better than the launch of HUGO BLUE - a daring new denim line that champions inclusivity and self-expression. It’s brand universe is bold yet relaxed, and promises to offer fresh and unconventional casualwear to the most dynamic youth style tribes.

To bring this new brand to market, we collaborated with their team to create a global retail design concept; a culturally-tuned brand experience design that combines bold expressions with rebellious undertones. Launching in a one-of-a-kind denim showroom in their global HQ in Metzingen, we designed this branded environment to invite retail partners, product collaborators and brand ambassadors to immerse themselves in the world of HUGO BLUE. A creative working space, it showcases the brand in its purest form and everything the new retail design concept has to offer - like state-of-the-art customisation that sparks consumer creativity, 'broadcast' fitting rooms that fuel content creation, and Gen-Z specific mannequins that reflect modern-day youth culture.

We then translated this youthful branded environment design into a comprehensive retail concept manual, setting HUGO BLUE on a trajectory to go out into the world and make its mark. Designed to not only inspire and empower today’s youth – our daring new retail design concept has been strategically created to make noise, everywhere it lands.

Rivet-ing: A dynamic denim retail design concept like no other.
HUGO BLUE’s brand experience design is tuned in to what’s happening now and is always on transmit.
Switched on: Our premium retail showroom design, immerses all who enter in the brand universe of HUGO BLUE.
Expressive customisation: Our branded environment design inspires and enales individual style expression.

HUGO BLUE talks to a younger demographic that's really into what's new in pop culture & immersed in the world of digital entertainment.

Senior Vice President, HUGO BOSS

Dialed-in to Gen-Z: Our branded environment design speaks to the connected youth of today, with denim at it's core.
Warped and weft: A progressive branded environment design reinterprets denim for a new generation.
Big & Bold: HUGO BLUE’s new retail design concept was created to have a strong brand presence.

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