Revving up style with Belstaff's Christmas Window Displays

Engineering an iconic Christmas retail installation

Belstaff is the self-proclaimed ‘coolest British heritage brand’. Synonymous with the likes of Steve McQueen, the official fashion attire of McLaren Supercar owners and brand ambassadors that include David Beckham and Kate Moss – you can see why.

Inspired by the brand’s motorcycling heritage and adventurous spirit, we created a global retail window display design to stop crowds in their tracks throughout the holiday season. Featuring rotating automotive parts powered by an electric motor, we engineered an abstracted snowflake installation that purposefully made people look up from their smartphones and take notice of their seasonal collections. Taking over their luxury Flagship store in London and standalone stores in the fashion capitals of Milan and New York, the concept won acclaim as the season’s ‘Best Christmas Window Display Design’ by both Drapers and VMSD. Layering disruptive movement, visual intrigue, poetic storytelling and expert engineering; our retail window display design beautifully reflects Belstaff's journey from the race track to high-end fashion powerhouse.

Mechanical snowflake retail installation: Fusing Belstaff's independent spirit with high-quality craftsmanship for their Christmas window display design.
Design that moves people: Our kinetic Christmas window display designs left static retail displays in the dust.

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