Future Retail Webinar: The rise of 'Hyper-Reality'


The Rise of 'Hyper-Reality' Retail Design

Investment in digital channels continues to accelerate, but e-commerce growth is widely predicted to slow in coming years. In contrast, consumers’ continued desire for #IRL, socialised shopping means physical retail needs a new wave of investment.

Our Senior Strategist, Mike Tristram recently joined Grigor Grigorov, Architect & Partner at Make Architects to share our expertise on designing ‘hyper-reality' retail experiences with Revo Hub. In this 60-minute future of retail webinar, they explored leading insights alongside the pitfalls and best practice concepts that are shaping retail’s new ‘hyper-reality’ era, including:

- Hyper-Social: Spaces where people genuinely want to hangout

- Hyper-Sensory: Experiences that spark imaginations (and sales)

- Hyper-Sustainable: Concepts that actively change behaviours

This optimistic vision for the future of retail design offers an exciting glimpse into the drivers of a new generation of brand experiences and high-street retail destinations. Missed the live webinar? Watch on-demand now on YouTube or get in touch to discuss the latest insights on the future of retail with our team directly.