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In today's world, where a single moment can convey a myriad of messages, the essence of a great brand transcends mere products and services. It's about forging a deep connection, kindling a sense of belonging, and inspiring aspiration. More than ever, consumers invest in your brand's legacy, its purpose, values, and culture; making your brand expression not just an asset, but a potent commercial force. Are you poised to infuse your brand communications with the creative energy and vitality to propel it into tomorrow?

The original pioneers of ‘Brand Storytelling’

As experts in brand communications design with an unwavering commitment to elevating brands beyond the conventional, we understand that the most successful brands are those that continuously push their boundaries to remain ever-relevant. Thus, we craft bold brand identity systems and brave brand communications designs - for category disruptors to market leaders.

Working from the inside out, we'll help you develop an intelligent creative strategy and exquisite brand expression that is multi-dimensional, emboldens behaviors internally, and acts as a springboard to ignite your audience. Our 360-degree approach to brand communications design enhances the richness of your brand story, uncovering new and more intelligent ways to express your point of view. This helps you push the boundaries of how and where you connect, enabling consumers to continually discover and rediscover your brand in new and exciting ways. The result? Stand-out, relevance, and growth.

Our global design agency has worked with household names to digitally native start-ups, creating iconic and award-winning brand communication designs.

Award-winning brand communications design

If you are in search of distinctive brand communications that sets you apart from the competition, or if you're eager to introduce your brand to new audiences in innovative ways, let's start a conversation. Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your brand strategy, daringly reposition, or steer your brand's visual language towards uncharted territories. As your dedicated experts in brand communications design, we're here to creatively overcome your business challenges. Dive into our comprehensive suite of brand communications design services below to discover exactly how we can elevate your brand to new heights:

Brand Strategy & Positioning

We define your why and how this aligns with consumer lifestyle aspirations and mindsets; and position your brand for growth.

Brand Identity Systems

We create the visual articulation of your brand; from logo to typefaces and tone of voice, to sonic and sensory brand identities.

Brand Expression

We create expressive brand communication designs throughout the customer journey; from signage to graphic language and packaging to POS.

Content Creation & Art Direction

We author all forms of content; from seasonal campaigns and behind the scenes footage, to producing product photography and motion graphics.

Brand Playbook & Guidelines

We define your brand's design codes, culture and values; championing how the brand should behave and express itself across all channels.

UX & UI Design

We design, develop and prototype native apps, platforms and digital interfaces to ensure a holistic online brand presence.

From the outset Checkland Kindleysides lived and breathed our brand and our ambition, helping us to tell our story in a compelling way. It's been a joy to work with some of the best in the industry.

CCO & CMO, Morrow

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If you are looking for an expert brand communications design agency in London to develop new distinctive brand assets, let’s talk. You can also check out our agencies creative brand identity systems on our brand communications work page, or take a look at our Wonder blog for all the latest on graphic design and brand strategy.

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