Brand Activations

The most creative brand activation designs think outside the box. They cut through the noise and maximise engagement in new and novel ways. Playing with the norm, we design brand activations that pop up, take over, turn heads and leave their mark. Surprising and exceeding consumer expectations with highly-creative experiences that are anything other than ordinary. Work with us if you want to break the mould and create some hype.

Designing pop-up activations for cultural kudos

We design brand activations where creativity, culture and entertainment collide. Led by cultural insights and executed with expertise, our creative product launches and experiential marketing activations all have one thing in common – while small in footprint, they’re never short on ambition.

For over 45 years, we’ve influenced the shifting dynamic between brands and their consumers with inspiring brand activation designs. From designing DJ sets at SXSW to creating an open-air pavilion in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and launching world-first product innovations in new markets. We can even help devise your next product innovation or build out a brand collaboration strategy to keep your brand ahead of the curve.

We know that continuing to stay relevant in a world where the pace of change is accelerating, is one the biggest challenges for brands. With our meticulous approach to brand activation design, we're no strangers to thinking of new ways to tap into the Zeitgeist and work with brands all around the world to create impact with credibility and authenticity.

Our brand activations design studio has created some of the most iconic experiential marketing activations and pop-up designs, for the world's most exciting brands.

Brand activation designs that won’t go unnoticed

Whether you’re dropping a new product innovation, activating a new brand campaign or want to create a compelling call-to-action - we create disruptive brand activation concepts that ignite desire and put your brand on consumer’s radar. To understand how we can help, explore our full list of brand activation design services below:

Experiential Marketing Activations

Think VIP pop-ups in the Alps and newsworthy world record attempts; we create disruptive brand activations designs, anywhere and everywhere.

Retail Activations & Window Displays

From eye-catching product displays to architectural scenography in store windows, we create inspiring retail marketing installations that stand-out.

Product Design & Category Expansion

Hosting NPD and category expansions workshops to designing limited editions, we collaborate with brands to create what’s next.

Launch Strategy & Product Seeding

We think strategically and break rules to create cut through, build anticipation and launch your new product with commercial impact.

Community Partnerships & Loyalty Programs

We work with brands to build long-term loyalty, creating exciting retail loyalty programs and culturally-rich community partnerships.

Virtual Brand Activations

In the age of the Metaverse we can create gamified product universes or explorative micro-sites for the virtual experience economy.

Yet again you have raised our expectation and continue to take us to another level with amazing experiential activation designs.

Global Design Director, Converse

Talk to us about your next brand activation design

If you're curious about what else our award winning experiential marketing activation agency has to offer, let's talk. You can also head over to our work page to check out our other brand activation design projects. And, don't forget to take a look at our Wonder blog for the freshest design insights and creative inspiration.

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