We Wonder Issue 3

Welcome to Wonder - a space to inspire, share our thoughts and to set imaginations free. This week we’ve been wondering about : how TikTok is influencing fashion shoots, will we really all be in driverless cars by 2025 and how do you get city-dwellers out into the great outdoors.


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Why fashion models need to get their groove on

If you haven’t heard or seen TikTok’s dance challenges – well frankly, you’ve been living under a rock. While you might think this phenomenon of internet culture is just what the kids are up to these days, its cultural and design significance is much more far reaching. Adobe’s creative trends reports show how those in the fashion photography circle need to rethink merely ‘posing for the camera’.

For your next shoot, don’t just follow the ad-old, perfectly ripped model pouting and staring intently into the camera lens. This won’t cut it. Instead experiment with much more expressive visuals, capturing people in motion to appeal to today’s dynamic youth. Y-3’s Spring 2022 capsule campaign is a great example of this. If in doubt listen to Ru Paul - ‘cover girl put the bass in your walk. Head to toe, make your whole body talk’.

Are driverless cars more fantasy than reality?

In a recent blog post we looked into the monumental changes that are happening in automotive right now. As of last year, over half of consumers worldwide already expect driverless cars to be their preferred mode of transport by 2024. Nope, that isn’t a typo.

For the first time consumer demand is outpacing the rate of technological advancement. While Germany plans to permit driverless cars as early as this year, there is still a lot of infrastructure and legal challenges to overcome to make AV’s truly a mainstream reality. And we all know how slowly those types of changes can take. So the reality is that, for now, AV’s should be parked on your wish list – maybe alongside winning the lottery.

Is it enough just to inspire adventure?

These days you can easily get your #travelinspo online. Scrolling mountain top sunsets on Insta or brushing up this year’s go-to travel destination in Conde Naste Traveller. As the athletic brand made for the outdoors, we’ve been working with the adidas TERREX team to create a customer experience that goes beyond positioning the great outdoors as an aspiration – actively preparing and equipping people for their next adventure. adidas TERREX’s first ever European flagship, in the heart of Munich’s shopping district is a space where you can find local trail routes, put products to the test, replenish or repair your supplies and learn from adidas experts. Race you to the top?

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